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Windows 11, Visual Studio 2019, C++

I am trying to implement code for RIPEMD-160. The best starter I have managed to discover is from project


Found in github. As I work through the include files there is a plethora of files that are not found on my system. I used Windows Explorer and searched the entire C drive.

Initial solution
Go back to github, find each file, add the file to my project. This will take a bit but I think it will eventually work out.

The Question
What is your suggestion for the best place to put these files. The include path in each original file has the format:
#include <openssl/sha.h>
That won’t work on windows. My working directory is:
Best thought so far, using this one example, is to locate the files like this:


Each of the files and many of the #include statements must be edited.
Your suggestions please?
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There is no need to change all those include files.
Open the project properties.
Expand the C/C++ set of properties.
The first item under "General" is "Additional include directories".
Fill in the path name to any directories you need.
Separate multiple directories with a ;
Click okay.

Wow! Did not expect a reply so soon.
Did not expect anything like that. Working it.
Thank you for your time.

On second thought, maybe add a top level directory to my data drive, something like:


Would that be better?
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