Free books (UK)


Not sure if this allowed here - if not mods can delete.

I have the following programming books which I no longer require:



If you reside in the UK, I'd be happy to provide free of charge. This forum has been so helpful to me so I'd like to give back in a small way.

Send me a PM - first come first served.

Kind offer. Good boy ++
if not mods can delete.
Mod interaction is minimal, though some say they were able to use the "contact us" link below to get true trolls and spammers off the site.

Ultimately protect yourself, this is still the internet. Don't give out personal information, and Ideally don't use it for "Meet ups" since there are some scary people in the world.

Please donate your books to a local library or thrift-shop instead of chancing a "meeting up" at some local gas station.
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I live in France - not too far from you. If I pay the postal charges, is there a way?
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