segmetation fault

I need help. How can i fix that.I am getting a stackoverflow. I want to swap the names of my labels by pressing the swapLabels Button.

QString A=ui->LabelRight->text();
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"segmetation fault" means you are trying to access an invalid memory address.

This most commonly happens by dereferencing a "dangling" (invalidated) or uninitialized pointer.

But it's impossible to say with this small code excerpt what your particular problem is...

There is nothing obviously wrong in this code excerpt, but what does on_swapLabels_clicked() do?
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on_swapLabels_clicked() swaps the labels.

for example.

Label1= Hello , Label2=World

if i press on_swapLabels_clicked() the labels swap!

Label1=World , Label2=Hello
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How does on_swapLabels_clicked() know what label to swap?

If you're getting "a stack overflow", then you likely have infinite recursion somewhere.
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