Help please

it looks like the data is touched one time.
if you just need the answer for a row, a simple a,b,c is fine.. get one row, generate the output line, get the next row, generate the output line... no need for storing the previous rows.

if you did need the previous rows, a ... container ... would be useful. Arrays are a container, but their max size must be known at compile time. So if you know you will for example never have more than 100 entries, you could use arrays. If not, you can use vectors, which is a c++ object that is much like an array except it can size to fit.
Do you see any reason to need the previous rows, though?
I’d like to help, but as a rule I won’t help those who only post pictures — because you cheat everyone else of help when the picture expires, just like those bottom-feeders who delete their post after receiving help. (I am not calling you a bottom-feeder.) And it avoids the sleazy image sites that everyone hates.

Use the [code] and [output] BB-code to post your program and the data you are working with.

Also, you missed an important question jonnin asked you: do you need to keep a copy of all the answers? Because life is easier if all you need to do is process and print one at a time in a loop.
Hmmmmm, looks like someone didn't like the answers they received, the OP closed their account.
It is unfortunate. A lot of people have a difficult time posting online to begin with, and when someone like me says you’re doing it wrong it makes them want to go away.

There is, unfortunately, no real way to express more tact than to say this is what the accepted norm is for posting online (or on this forum).

In this particular case it is worse because of my own response to links to image sites is negative. Giving (valid) reasons why doesn’t make it any easier to read as one of the first responses to your first ever posting...

I guess I'm old and crusty enough to accept criticism directed at me in the past about first-time posting to not let netiquette comments bother me.

Sure, at first I get a bit indignant, but then after some time (before I reply) I realize if those who replied really didn't want to help they'd not have typed their comment(s).

CS students these days are being ill-served by others not telling them they are not entitled when wanting help online.

If I were to teach a beginner's programming/CS course (HA! fat chance of that ever happening!) I'd spend a couple of minutes at the start about "how to ask questions the smart way." In class or online.
Whoa! Someone deleted the now absent OP's posts. If only they had posted code instead of a picture.
I am a teacher (though not a cool university-level one for CS).

I’d spend an entire lecture on netiquette.

And remind the students that I am likely to see their postings on whichever forum they post on... lol.
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