Debugger or IDE recommendation for macOS

Seeking recommendations for debugger or IDE for macOS

i'v been compiling my codes using g++ on my mac terminal.

going to start learning more about
Debugging C++ Programs

as I have googled, Clion is highly recommended. It's premiumware, I'll probably pay for it, but hoping to get other opinions before i commit.

Read about xcode but noticed some complaints about it. Was using Code::blocks and visual studio on PC earlier but now i only have a macbook with me.

Thought of running windows with Parallel on my macbook so i can run visual studio.

(Thanks George P for reminding me to rely more on this online resource, I started with at the beginning but went on to read books and watch youtubes. time to get back to where i started)
A shame VS doesn't support C++ on Mac. Or maybe not a shame.

I've seen people use NetBeans:

Shows how to get it on Mac in the second half of the video, 4:28.
Not as good as Visual Studio on Windows, but there is Visual Studio Code.

just read that shows how to debug with code::blocks
so might just try that on mac since it's free.
Visual Studio Code is also free, way better than Code Blocks IMO.

Not sure if C::B has revision software yet, or background compilation.
For a MacBook - XCode and/or Qt for C++ GUI/console applications - and free. The rest - Netbeans, CB, VS Code, CLion definitely 'not so much'.
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