About Windows.h

I'm new to all this forum and is still kinda new about the more complicated C++ programms. I hope you will understand some of my bad behaviours...
(I like doing this:
using namespace std;

int main()

return 0;

You know, some bad programming habits.)
My question is that whether there exists any well-explained tutorials about the windows.h, anywhere in this website?
What's currently annoying me is the basic of WinMain and that sort of things - I just can't find any explanation. If you have any website's, please send the address to me.
If possible, I'd also like to know the basis of keys, params, etc.

I appriciate any suggestions, including objections, from all of you.
Thanks for noticing - you know, some people never actually read and understand a whole post.
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This site doesn't deal with Windows Programming.
I am not aware about beginner friendly tutorials
The definite textbook is "Programming Windows" up to 5th ed. by Charles Petzold
The best site I know about for Windows programming is http://www.flounder.com/
See Under MVP Tips.

There's also the MS docs, starting at

If you search for things like winmain then you'll get info about that topic and also links to related topics. Knowing how to navigate MS docs site is a necessary skill to acquire!

There's also useful info in the Windows forum in this website
http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/windows/ if you look at the replies to various threads.
A beginner's tutorial for the Win32 API is "theForger's Win32 API Tutorial":

It shows the bare necessities of getting a Windows app up and running.

One key thing to note about theForger's tutorial, it is written for ANSI. MS recommends highly all modern Windows app be Unicode. Text encoding and API function calls.
And something else to note:
PLEASE learn to use code tags, they make reading and commenting on source code MUCH easier.


HINT: you can edit your post and add code tags.

Some formatting & indentation would not hurt either
Thanks for all of you!
I've been finding them on the internet but the articles aren't as well as yours.
Also I will edit my posts - they're always not perfect.
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