blocks 17.12 does not on C++


From, exactly 17.20 mingw.setup.exe I have installed code: blocks 17.20 and it works properly on C. Now I want to know about C++ and with console application I open  C++ template ,where  C++ I selected , with .cpp extension a C++ file opened , "include <iostream>" it starts with this. If I try to shift <iostream> into <iostream.h> , "fatal error iostream.h: No such file or directory". I got this error after manual.

Some has any idea about this?

So what's wrong with include <iostream>?

Using <iostream.h> has been obsolete for about 20 years, so you really shouldn't be using it now.

Well, <iostream> is the correct include for standard C++ while <iostream.h> is not.

So why would you want to include the wrong file?
Possibly using a very, very old C++ book?
The current version of Code::Blocks is 20.03, 17.12 is old and outdated. To a lesser degree so is 20.03, though the compiler used can be updated with a bit of work.

@LunaElla, do you want to use an obsolete header? The proper C++ header is <iostream>, not <iostream.h>.
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