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So, I think my problem is I got too much information available, and need something of a funneling point to start at. At the moment, I'm only interested in making games. Which would be the best environment to code those kinds of apps - Microsoft Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code? Are they both just as capable, but simply have different methods of UI?
If you're only interested in making games you should learn a game engine and the language it uses. Unity is not a bad engine. If you still want C++, Unreal is an alternative.
Personally I prefer Visual Studio [Year like 2019 or 2022] over Visual Studio Code. The integration of editor, compiler and debugger are better with VS IMO. And if you want to program games for Windows popular game engines and toolkits are available with Unreal, Unity, Cocos and DirectX support in Visual Studio as optional workloads and components.

The main drawback of Visual Studio: The size of VS installed can be large.
Thanks guys!
Learning to program your own game engine for Windows might be of benefit to a beginner.

Two books I have and learned from are excellent teaching resources, though they are outdated and use the very rudimentary Windows GDI and core multi-media functions in a C++ class-based framework.

Either book is functionally the same, though each has a few chapters that differ to create different style games.

Fair warning, MS changed the Windows API that each code example needs a few changes to compile without warnings or errors.

I look at the needed changes as a great learning experience.
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