the forum bbcode problem

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double d = 3.14159265358979;
cout << "Pi: " << fixed << d << endl;

Hi Friends, Hi moderators and Administrators,

BB codes of this forum have not works at long time
it's not add to here when I write these contexts! and Preview mode has been giving error!
Yeah, the UI buttons and Preview are broken when creating the first post of a thread. Admin doesn't care enough to fix it. You can still manually type [code][/code] [output etc.
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the problem has when first topic created :) and you already mentioned it, thanks :)
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I have a method.
I write such as firstly, it is preparing.
after, I present the food codes.
In the year I've been here I've never seen a spam post, staff here must be exceptional. That little quirk must be a forum software issue.

If one has a sufficient post count themselves, and the spam account has relatively few posts, one can remove the spam by reporting it. If this happens more than a few times, the spam account is restricted.

There is lots of spam here, I have removed up to 50 of them per day at one stage.
I present the food codes.

There is lots of spam here,

I'm getting hungry...
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