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Pointer usage in terms of cache-centric perspective
Dear experts, I am now studying some techniques relating to cache-centric programming. In trad...
[2 replies] Last: Dear jonnin I apologize for my ambiguous asking. What you said in th... (by Mitsuru)
OpenGL expects 4 bytes per index - I have 2 bytes per index
I've read a gltf2 (.glb) file into memory on the heap. And I've determined where the index data for...
[6 replies] Last: Lol, sorry about the mess. Yes, ptr not meshes . My mind wandered ... (by jonnin)
by frek
C++ Embedded Programming
My purpose is to learn C++ embedded programming practically. What tools do I need please? What reso...
[18 replies] Last: IIRC DOS had 8.3 file names. Base name 8 characters and 3 characters ... (by Furry Guy)
by VoB
Explicit instantiation:a minimal example
Duplicated post: see link in first answer
[4 replies] Last: How can I do? I can't find any delete option. I think that after one r... (by VoB)
by VoB
Constant iterator for a Binary Search Tree
Hi everyone, I'm implementing a Binary Search Tree and I need to write my own iterator in order to ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks @FerryGuy. So it's just just for readability. So, the third fu... (by VoB)
Bank Management Queue problem
I dont know how to delete the post
[1 reply] : ¿so you copy-past your assignment and expect us to do what? ¿what is... (by ne555)
access non static member function
I am trying to implement a very simple dictionary, one that will store a pointer to a member functio...
[17 replies] Last: [quote=mbozzi]Why do you need the D*? Is this not sufficient, or are y... (by daytooner)
Synchronisation between folders
I want to synchronize two folders/directories. The constrains are follow: 1) Each folder should hav...
[3 replies] Last: Can you get this to list the files on the devices: #include <iostre... (by dutch)
How program takes input of 7 each time via cin?
I got code via link in a post at stackoverflow ( ), but...
[4 replies] Last: > But, have an additional issue. If specify no value in Standard input... (by JLBorges)
dynamically allocate input from text file into struct array
I'm trying to dynamically allocate information from a text file using a structure. The console keep...
[13 replies] Last: That's strange. You can PM me your code and input file if you want. Or... (by dutch)
Help selecting largest value from a txt file
Hello, i'm looking for a bit of guidance on an issue i have. I'm building an application that can ...
[3 replies] Last: This is heavy-going obtaining the data. There's an easier way. Conside... (by seeplus)
Memory layout of Simple class (struct)
Dear experts, I have shallow knowledge about memory layout of class, such as alignment, and memb...
[6 replies] Last: Dear JLBorges Thank you for your precise answer. I will try some per... (by Mitsuru)
by ksan
Constexpr polymorphic collection
In order to capture metadata about a collection of types that's fixed at compile time, I'd like to s...
[1 reply] : Which language standard does your codebase obey? (by mbozzi)
Yet another take on "using namespace std;" (1,2)
So, I've dutifully not (for once) coded "using namespace std;" and I've dutifully (for once) stuck "...
[23 replies] Last: > It makes it hard to know what to include at times when switching com... (by JLBorges)
by Hobing
Data types and their byte size
Hello, Is there a way print a list of data types and making a loop to find the size of each data t...
[1 reply] : Something like this, perhaps: #include <iostream> #include <typeinfo... (by JLBorges)
by frek
Why is C still that more popular than C++!?
Please delete this thread
[16 replies] Last: dutch , Simply don't send him any help in the future...there's no ne... (by Grey Wolf)
by frek
Constructing an argument for two functions for their being equivalent
The question is belonging to the two functions find_1 and find_2 , and says: Are you sure those...
[3 replies] Last: Any memory leak is potentially a big issue if it happens repeatedly, a... (by Ganado)
Executable (or library) binary file for each running environment
Dear experts I would like to ask you the criteria that specify executable (or library) binary fil...
[5 replies] Last: Dear helios Thank you so much for your opinion. OK, I keep in mind t... (by Mitsuru)
Right to left isolate string
I am facing a tough problem with Farsi unicodes. I have an std::wstring s = (L"\u0634\u0646\u0628...
[2 replies] Last: Looking around, it looks like the WIndows console doesn't support bidi... (by dutch)
by Kmpck
Question about accessing class private variables
Hi guys! Trying to study here and I have come across something my C++ book is not mentioning about...
[3 replies] Last: The C++ standards committee is working overtime to make sure we can hi... (by jonnin)
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