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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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by frek
std::cin's APIs
Hi all, I'm developing the project below. How is it from your point of view? #include <iostream> ...
[4 replies] Last: @keskiverto, @seeplus If the condition in while uses the API, so is ... (by frek)
Pointers and casting interpretation/reading logic
Hi, I don't have access to the function definition of this: I2C_Write(2, TCA9535_ADDRESS, TCA953...
[2 replies] Last: Part of understanding it is just experience with the idea behind what ... (by jonnin)
Encryption Program Issue
I am having issues with a while loop in an encryption program. When I try to execute this piece of c...
[1 reply] : If ch ever becomes ' ' within your loop, then your loop essentially be... (by Ganado)
problem error: invalid convertion
#include <iostream> using namespace std; /* run this program using the console pauser or add your ...
[1 reply] : First, you can use code tags when posting here. They help reading and ... (by keskiverto)
Sorry but I don't get why/when to use auto or decltype(auto) for return types
Hi, I am confused with when and why to use auto or decltype(auto) on the return types of function...
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Write a C++ program that manage the student’s grades. Starting with a fixed number of students (10)
I would need some help writing this code, I have one made but having trouble getting it to work, any...
[1 reply] : Hello MyMom420, I think you forgot about "p" and "q". On line 9 you ... (by Handy Andy)
Is returning a local native array by reference an error?
I have this code: auto getArr() -> int(&) { int arr = {3,9}; return arr; } the a...
[1 reply] : yes, this is an error. Its not a syntax error, but it is still undefi... (by jonnin)
two processes communicating with each other
Hi, I got this assignment and I am trying to find out how should I proceed in order to solve it : ...
[1 reply] : What's to figure out? > We assume that by contract, OS offers us.... ... (by salem c)
Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'temp2' is being used without being initialized. (1,2)
This is a second code I'm trying to run, My first code bricked, so I redid it and I'm still getting ...
[20 replies] Last: Hello TangentJay, Sorry for the delay. I had a doctors appointment to... (by Handy Andy)
Loop with objects
Hi I really need some help here. I need af more dynamic way to apply changes to objects I use ...
[7 replies] Last: It has been several years since I used C++Builder, it was version 6, I... (by Furry Guy)
by Ticbow
Text adventure rooms - Voids or Classes?
Hi, I'm working on a little text adventure project in C++ and I'm not quite sure how I'll do the roo...
[5 replies] Last: @ne555, agreed. I can't remember how I ended up with pointers. I've ch... (by dutch)
20 Guesses
For this assignment, write a program that will guess a secret number within 20 guesses or less. The...
[18 replies] Last: Thanks! (by agent max)
Working with years in data struct
Hi. I have a problem to solve this condition : In a struct data are known the registration number o...
[4 replies] Last: doug4 thanks (by blaster123)
reading strings with ifstream
When reading strings from a file, what should the strings be initialized to if you want to find the ...
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by frek
Smart pointers proper usage in my project
I'm doing an exercise of Bjarne's book PPP (chapter 21): 6. In the Fruit example in §21.6.5, we c...
[13 replies] Last: @frek, @coder777 make_shared has an interesting purpose. Without it,... (by Niccolo)
Number Frequency
Allow the user to enter values between 1-9, up to 2 billion values. When the user enters a 0 report...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> int main() { int freq { }; std::cout << "En... (by seeplus)
Stuck, Not sure how to get this to run
Hey Im getting an error at line 30. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State E...
[8 replies] Last: Just use one map: #include <iostream> #include <map> #include <stri... (by seeplus)
Sorting Name with Quantity HELP!!
I am creating an inventory system that tracks inventory. I need to sort the names of the products a...
[3 replies] Last: Good. There are two parts to programming: logic and syntax. What to d... (by keskiverto)
Please help!!
/* I am trying to make a program that takes an average of two numbers using multiple functions and o...
[8 replies] Last: How to use code tags: http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/jEywvCM9/ HIN... (by Furry Guy)
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