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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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by mnm71
How to run project with special command line?
I want to run my TCP project by command line tcpserver --port 3333 How can do it and what sh...
[2 replies] Last: @Ganado thank you for replying to my question (by mnm71)
by Borneq
Where gcc search include?
Is command: `gcc -print-prog-name=cc1` -v 1. what are meaning of apostrophes? 2. This command not en...
[3 replies] Last: thank you so much @keskiverto ...It actually helped.. https://issuu.co... (by RachelCulbertson)
Sockets: Define Host for gethostbyname
The standard examples of using sockets : int main(int argc, char *argv ) . . . . . server = ...
[2 replies] Last: It's not clear what you're asking, but gethostbyname returns a structu... (by kbw)
software archetecture for c++ project?
What are the best software archetecture for c++ related projects based on cmake? For example in .net...
[2 replies] Last: Most other language environments impose some kind of structure/method ... (by kbw)
SFML and Atom [Mac]
Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to post this. I just managed to make SFML run properly on A...
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Recommand async IO library/framwork?
I have a program to write data to multiple files and want to improve its performance. Then I thin...
[1 reply] : The first step is to benchmark your disk. $ dd if=debian-10.5.0-amd6... (by salem c)
by Borneq
perf profiling - unknown
My program work fast, after changing is two times slower. I try profile with perf under CLion. Mos...
[4 replies] Last: main is called from unknown That's expected. main() is called from t... (by dhayden)
by Borneq
Start/stop group of threads
First solution is - create group of threads and push_bakc to vector - join for all these threads ...
[1 reply] : Before you start adding threads, you need a plan! Figure out who owns... (by salem c)
Get current screen dimensions via Xlib using C
Is there any way to get screen dimensions of a display via Xlib using C? I've tried referring to the...
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Undefined symbol error at runtime
I have compiled a library A with gcc 7.5 that references in a implementation file (.cpp) a class of ...
[1 reply] : Linking in Linux differs from Windows and OS X. There is not much "li... (by keskiverto)
Context switching and 5 state process model
Hello, I have a high level conceptual question. What is the connection between "context switching...
[2 replies] Last: 5 state model is oversimplified, but you context switch when you go fr... (by jonnin)
popen or fopen freezes my code (1,2)
Hello, I am using chrony to track the offset from my NTP. I have a code that writes this value to a...
[25 replies] Last: It appears that @Dhayden and salem c were right and I need to eat my w... (by bchang32)
SDL More KeyPresses?
I'm developing a SDL2 game framework on YT. I have a demo game which is basically pong with extra st...
[3 replies] Last: Wow. I remember wondering why anyone would buy an $80 keyboard when a ... (by newbieg)
remove a duplicate directory path
How do I remove a duplicate directory path in a dirs command stack?
[1 reply] : > How do I remove a duplicate directory path in a dirs command stack? ... (by salem c)
Sorry not really Unix, Linux question
How do you comment out a line in an SSH config file?
[1 reply] : See man ssh_config . The file format should be described in the begin... (by keskiverto)
operating systems
need help with this multiple choice question. When the process issues an I/O request: c. it is pl...
[4 replies] Last: d) (by againtry)
by Borneq
Strange linker errors
First I make and install velocypack, it was easy. Next I try make arangodb/fuerte Compilation was...
[3 replies] Last: My trial of solution: https://github.com/arangodb/velocypack/issues/7... (by Borneq)
dup2 and printf
1.the code is shown below: #include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <st...
[6 replies] Last: Mixing C runtime buffered i/o with OS unbuffered i/o; ok yeah, I misse... (by kbw)
stl map for Eigen matrix
How to use stl map for Eigen::MatrixXd ? When i try to directly use it as std::map<Eigen::MatrixXd,...
[2 replies] Last: This would seem to be the crucial part of the message: YOU_MIXED_DIFF... (by MikeyBoy)
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