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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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C++ Package Management
C++ packages management is not a simple as C package management. Because of code in header files, c...
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Unit testing with C++
I just finished up a internship, and during this internship, I wrote a lot of unit tests for JavaScr...
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Setting up GNU Nano on Windows
I'd like to set up Nano on Windows, but I'm not sure how can I do that. I've seen some guides, but t...
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Note to site admin
I've just noticed that Chrome was telling me the site was not secured. I took a little look and it s...
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CppCast: Visual Effects
Rob and Jason are joined by Josh Filstrup from Netflix. They first discuss an update to wxWidgets an...
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Need help with VS Code
I've been using VS Code for a couple of weeks and really like. However, with latest 1.47.1 release ...
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Can I run graphics.h in the graphics card?
I noticed you can select "Run application in graphics card" in windows, so what if I made a graphics...
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Assembly stdin
Hi guys,something interesting so here is a basic NASM program that I wrote that will ask a user for...
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Tank War [C++][Win 7]
In view of the slow review of "Articles", the new works are hereby released to this forum. Please...
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Assembly question
hi guys, loop: jmp loop times 510-($-$$) db 0 dw 0xaa55 I'm re...
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I want to know how to add files to an article on this website
Please do me a favor. I want to upload a file, but I don't know what to do.
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by helios
Does anyone know about this... book?
Years ago I remember reading somewhere that some early CS researcher or information theorist, or som...
[1 reply] : Yep, I’ve heard of it. It was spiral bound IIRC (by againtry)
The law and photography
Apologies if this enquiry seems trivial. I just want to avoid making my own assumption when acknowle...
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Uncertainty with fairly old webpages
A webpage on oocities.org immediately downloaded a MIDI sequence to my PC. I believe the webpage is ...
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C# has made me sad :( (1,2)
*sigh* I've been coding in C# exclusively for the past 1-2 weeks in order to get more familiar with ...
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Calulators digitial signature was not present?
Hey guys, so for the past couple of days I suspected that I had malware on my pc so I decided to fo...
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SQL format
Via notepad i can write sql scripts like below: create table recipient ( id bigint(20) not null...
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Visual Studio 2019 help
I wasn't sure where else to go. I've searched the internet for a Visual Studio 2019 IDE community h...
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reporting vulgarity in the forum (1,2)
I have received vulgarity from someone called "dutch" responding to a simple question... I reported ...
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