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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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How programs access wireless adapters?
Probably a stupid question but I'll try my hand at nonetheless. I wrote part of my thesis and bas...
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Should I learn an easier language first?
I am interested in learning a programming lamguage, but I've heard C++ is harder than C# and similar...
[14 replies] Last: I still sheepishly consider myself a novice although I have a degree i... (by adam2016)
Best and easy language to learn for beginners
I am interested in learning a programming language, but I've heard C++ is harder than C# and similar...
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How to find the column index of a matrix element
Hello Everyone, I am a beginner in C++. I want to find the column index of a matrix element...
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How to find the largest element value from a row of a matrix
Hi Everyone, I need to find out the largest element of a chosen row from a matrix. For exam...
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can anyone answer?
A COVID-19 test gives a positive result in an infected person with a probability of 0.9 and a negati...
[6 replies] Last: Bayes theorem is best solution for this :) (by GuidedAkhil)
Windows 10 bug
This one is kind of neat, I would love to know how an RO operation "corrupts" something, maybe a fil...
[3 replies] Last: at one time there was a hidden cpu instruction and if you called it, ... (by mbozzi)
For given occasion I wish you all the best.
Don't forget, we programmers are destined making the world a better place. Because of love to our ...
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C++ - A hated programming language
This article details the top 4 most hated programming languages https://www.techrepublic.com/arti...
[18 replies] Last: @ jonnin If people posted code written in C++98, that would be a big... (by TheIdeasMan)
...first invent the universe.
“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” ― Carl S...
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I Need Hiring Advice Logic Tests
What kind of logic tests have you guys seen, or even better do you use, on an entry level position? ...
[9 replies] Last: Well, as usual FG you got that wrong. They aren't my reports. BTW, we'... (by againtry)
Quantum Internet (1,2)
I found this article very exciting. The idea of quantum entanglement being a form of instant transmi...
[20 replies] Last: @OP It's great that you speculate but you might like to widen your hor... (by againtry)
Sick of cppreference showing up in search
I find that the documentation provided by cplusplus is better than cppreference. I always find myse...
[11 replies] Last: How come neither puts the method signatures for the methods on the ma... (by mbozzi)
Programming career is promising?
Hey guys, the other day a friend of mine said that being a programmer is a stable and promising job ...
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Are you male/female/other (1,2)
Let's see the sex ratio of people who reply to this thread. I'm male.
[21 replies] Last: I'm a male looking for female model, PM if you fit criteria. (by zapshe)
MS Visual Studio and C language version
Some time in the last couple of updates MS decided to add a project setting/switch so when compiling...
[1 reply] : Yes. MS seems to finally be paying some attention to C. It's long been... (by seeplus)
Cannot figure out the issue with this SQL CASE
CASE WHEN CAST(a.category AS VARCHAR) like '%jumpsuits%' THEN CAST(a.google_product_category AS V...
[1 reply] : I see 3 bools and a string on the else. that matches the complaint. (by jonnin)
Was wondering..
Hello everyone, love being in the forum and getting to know everyone! I remember years ago I’ve...
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Solid State Drives and memory
Hey guys, So got an interesting topic. I'm watching the crash course computer science playlist on Y...
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