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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
[120 replies] Last: It displayed "Hello world" after you pressed Enter. int c is a ... (by Duthomhas)
Packing companies in uae
Dragon Star shipping company offers all of these qualities and much more as a leading Packing compan...
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Help With #define
Hello, I have a problem with #define macro. I would get _DIGIT_ number x with the macro _DIGIT(x) ...
[9 replies] Last: this looks like you want an enum to me. (by jonnin)
by mj425
I'm trying to pass the total from another function to the main function but I'm having trouble. I ke...
[2 replies] Last: from time to time, just redoing it feels like the best way to xplain i... (by jonnin)
C++ to Pseudocode
I need help turning this code to pseudocode. I need to get this done as soon as possible so any help...
[4 replies] Last: So I can just edit out the other file codes? do you mean I only need ... (by jonnin)
pointerS, HOW COME my answer is different from the book
how come my answer is different from the book? are the addresses not the same? Integer age = 30 Int...
[3 replies] Last: at little more on that, a pointer is the location in your computer's ... (by jonnin)
by taniam
Math problem
I just started learning C++ and I have to solve this problem: Let be x an integer variable. For what...
[3 replies] Last: in c++ the keyword true is 1 and the keyword false is zero. In revers... (by jonnin)
Two Players Card Game
Two players are playing a card game. Each card consists of a rank (from 1 to 13) and a suit (S, H, C...
[1 reply] : Create a function that can score a suit so you can compare in an order... (by salem c)
1D array problem
Hi Everyone! i have a small program here,i let the user choose the size of the 1D array and it's el...
[2 replies] Last: int a ; creates an array with zero elements in it, and no way to cha... (by Furry Guy)
functions not working
Hello again, i made some progress with this code, now the problem i face is everything works fine e...
[7 replies] Last: int x=1; while (x == 1) cout<<"thanks alot man"<<endl; (by jeraya6)
Help With Averaging
I have made this post before with answers that solve a previous problem but now a new one has shown ...
[10 replies] Last: All problems with the code have been fixed, A file was simply in the w... (by LegalWeasel)
Help With Averaging Code
Write your question here. Could someone help me figure out why the program has an initialized local ...
[5 replies] Last: Hey there, Thanks for all the advice given, sorry if it was a bit of a... (by LegalWeasel)
BST Algorithm Copy Only Even Data
I am looking for assistance with an algorithm to copy even data in a BST of integer data. I have a s...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah, the intent (I imagine) is more problem solving. But yeah, some o... (by confundido)
Parsing string
Say I have a string with json like data such as "{"flight_number":65,"mission_name":"Telstar 19V","m...
[4 replies] Last: Your structure is: { "A" : B , "C" : "D" , "E" : ["F"] ,... (by dutch)
How to update the data in txt file
Im trying to update the data but I am not sure on how to update it. ofstream myfile; myfile.o...
[6 replies] Last: That is why Im having problem when updating the file. I have already m... (by rhap123)
Error Spotted In Places With No Error.
Error Spotted In Places With No Error. Expect a ';' at line 26. Syntax Error: 'string' at line 30. ...
[1 reply] : The word "string" doesn't appear a single time in the code you've show... (by helios)
Is a class the answer to my function mess?
I periodically write code for embedded microcontrollers. Most of it is pretty simple. I've gotten ...
[5 replies] Last: To make Jonnin's suggestion fully match your original post, you'd add ... (by dhayden)
Taking output of pgm file format to construct frequncy table
here I am reading a PGM format I want to construct a frequency table for Huffman compression and dec...
[3 replies] Last: > i'm new to C++ and data structure Perhaps you should start by writin... (by salem c)
by kenken
While loop help
Would someone please help me understand why the following codes produce different outcomes for the v...
[3 replies] Last: Both sum AND number wrap around when entering -1. std::cin goes int... (by Furry Guy)
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