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Is it reasonable to abandon raw pointer in favor of smart pointers in modern cpp for all programs
Hi people, I think with presence of good features, smart pointers deliver to us it's time to aban...

My simple vector, myVec
@JLBorges [quote][i]if the current size and capacity (space) of the vector is five, and we call rese...

My simple vector, myVec
This is the kind of answer which I take advantages of it highly, each answer for its question number...

My simple vector, myVec
@seeplus: Thanks. [b]1)[/b] Why have you used [code]std::swap[/code] for copy/move assignment and m...

My simple vector, myVec
[b]1)[/b] @JLBorges: I don't know anything about wrappers; I just heard about them here and there. L...