Setup a Windows Store app to install a cursor pack

Hi all, I am fairly new to using VS and was hoping to create an app for the Windows Store that will install a cursor pack.

I have written two files, an install.inf file and a PowerShell file to set the current scheme of the cursors being used.

I have written an install.inf file I have to place the cursors in the correct directory. The .ani files are in the same folder as the install.inf file.

I then have a PowerShell Script to make them the current scheme with this.

I cannot post the code I have for the inf file and the PowerShell script as I am going over the character count limit.

Perhaps I am approaching this wrong but any help here would be great as I've never uploaded or written an app for the Store.
Asking such an arcane query here isn't likely to get you a whole lot of answers, especially when you admit you are a noob at using VS.

Here's a meta-search you might want to peruse, I can't say if any links are helpful or not since I don't do store apps:

Why didn't you do a 'net search yourself?
I have done a search for uploading to the store. It's mainly the code involved in setting up the project in VS. I have the inf file and the PowerShell script which work independently on their own but I was hoping for some help in starting the project in VS and possibly adding those two files as resources if that's possible as a starting point. I have done google searches on this and nothing has come up that has been of any help.
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