I try to install imebra libray using cmake and it tells me that the direcotry doesnt exist.
The commands to build imebra are below.

Building Imebra

The library folder contains a CMakeLists file, which contains the information needed by
CMake to generate a solution file for your platform (a make file, a VisualStudio solution, etc).

To generate the Imebra shared library, execute the following steps:

1. Create a folder that will contain the result of the compilation (artifacts)
2. cd into the created artifacts folder
3. execute cmake with the path to the Imebra's library folder as parameter
4. execute cmake with the --build option, and on Windows optionally specify the build configuration

For instance:


md artifacts
cd artifacts
cmake imebra_location/library
cmake --build .

What I do:
go on cmd
create the artifacts directory
I have unzipped the imebra file in the same directory
I use "cmake C:...\artifacts\library"
and gives me the erro mentioned above
I think you should:
1. Create a directory for your project
2. md artifacts
3. cd artifacts
4. cmake ..
5. make
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