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I am new to C++ and have been given a task that involves creating an MFC dialog-based application which is to be run when a separate .exe file is open. I need this application to be opened whilst the .exe file is open (User Interface) and then for certain details to be copied into the new application. The UI is for a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and within the UI there is information stored like Software version, product name, hardware and operating system. So I need the new application to display this information so it can then be copied and pasted into a report.

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Although I feel this should have been posted under "Windows Programming", I'll try to help. When you work with MFC you can use one of the wizards to create a dialog-based application. It's pretty easy to get that much done.

Here is a great site about MFC coding: Box Series

What version of MFC are you going to use?
I did actually put it in there first, but I was not getting anything so I thought I would put in here. I will change it back. Thanks for that site however, looks like it could be of some real help :).
Also I am using Visual Studio 2012.
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