Effective tool for GDI memory leaks detection


Would you advice me some effective tool for GDI memory leaks and run-time errors detection in VC++?
There's a task manager option to view how many GDI objects your application is using. Just open Task Manager, go to View->Select Columns... and check the "GDI Objects" check box. If your application is leaking GDI resources, then the number of objects will skyrocket whenever your program encounters the leak.
Good advice! But I still don't know WHERE exactly leaks appears in my code . Task Manager can't show particular place in my programm...
Well, the thing is you can't tell it's a memory leak until you exit the program and the object hasn't been deleted.
Years ago I used to use BoundsChecker for exactly that. As I recall, it was excellent that that sort of thing, but was a bit pricey.
I also used BoundsChecker many moons ago (when it was still BoundsChecker by Numega) in good ol' days of VC 6.0.

It's now Compuware DevPartner, very powerful, still does it's job very well but VERY expensive. I'm unaware of a comparable alternative unfortunately.
I'll try to find cheaper alternative :)
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