How do I add DirectX SDK into Visual Studio 2012

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You could simply do both, but use x64 for beginning the project.

This ensures full x64 compatibility, and when you're up to release the executable, compile both in x64 and x86 and release them separately.
Well yes I would hope to release optimized versions for each system but unfortunately it's true that the express version limits executable to 32bit only but IT COMPILES with the x86 library...

So now we both know for future, after all this hassle.

Visual studio EXPRESS needs 32bit library only...
If you have the full version then you must make sure that your settings are in 64bit compilation. If there isn't a simple drop-down selection at the top of the screen then the appropriate settings are under:

PROJECT >> (Project name) Properties >> At the top of the window under Platform:


Default hotkeys on VS12 allow you to access the project properties by pressing [Alt] + F7

P.S. Thank you so much for all the help EssGeEich
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I know nothing about Express limitations as I use the full versions...
And I said a couple posts ago how to compile for 64-bits in case this is what you meant (Your last post seems a bit vague to me, I cannot understand its meaning in a clear way, and I assumed you don't know how to compile for x64)
This is all I can say about it...
I had a simular issue to this when I tried to get DX running on VS2012 Express. I played with everything and it just wouldn't link the files. I did a fresh install of VS2012 (Left the DX SDK alone) and after a reinstall I recompiled my MS Window and DX Initialisation code and it worked (linking everything) just fine.

Just make sure your code has the headers and library files specified and that your compiler has the 2 directory linkings as per previous posts.
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