Clear screen and gotoxy functions.Codeblocks.

Hi , How do i print things anywhere on the screen ? Suppose i want to bring in the middle of the output screen.And also , how do i clear the screen ?
Plus , how do i use Sleep function ? like i want to print "hello" , one character at a time. like
"h" then after 0.5 second "e" then 0.5 second then "l" and so on...
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Use a library such as curses. That will give you all of that functionality.
Thanks jsmith..You are like my programming idol really..You seem to have an answer to everything :D
Keep up the good work!
Hi jsmith and ashmew2!
I have same problem...
unfortunately i didn't understand the solution.
guide please ! thx.
There is a library available for Unix called "curses" that provides text screen manipulation functions such as gotoxy() etc.
Unix, Linux, POSIX platforms

Win32, DOS, OS/2, Plan 9, SNES, etc

(A guide for getting started with Curses)

Hope this helps.
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