My experience using Linux

I've always been what I thought was a "power user" on Windows, making the flow of it work in my favor. Intentionally breaking things to make one task or another easier or cooler because I did it. That's what I thought it was to be a "power user."

Linux changed that entire idea for me, I've been using Ubuntu on and off for server applications for a couple years but that was just copy pasting into Putty and not actually learning it so that doesn't count in my mind, I've been learning and daily driving Linux for about a year now and it's completely changed my view of being a power user, I don't need to break anything anymore (intentionally) to make something work for me, it either just works or can made to work so easily. Linux is the definition of complete computing freedom, to make and anything work exactly how you need to have it work.
Some say that's a lot of work, which it is. But for a "power user" it's a wet dream come true. I love Linux, every problem I come across gives me more insight into how it actually works on a deeper level and I'm almost sad I haven't had more problems with it over the past year.
So thank you to all the helpful people who spread your knowledge helping people like me understand and fix the issues we create that you may or may not have done before us. I appreciate it, and the broader Linux community does too.
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Some say that's a lot of work, which it is. But for a "power user" it's a wet dream come true.

Being a "power user" doesn't mean you want to spend time and energy making every little thing work the way you want.

I've also never had to break things in Windows to make things somehow also work.

But I'm glad you found your... muse?
CandyK wrote:
...That's what I thought it was to be a "power user."
Wikipedia wrote:
A power user is a user of computers, software and other electronic devices, who uses advanced features of computer hardware, operating systems, programs, or websites which are not used by the average user. A power user might not have extensive technical knowledge of the systems they use but is rather characterized by competence or desire to make the most intensive use of computer programs or systems.

PS still posting in the wrong forum...a "power user" would know this.
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