How to send image through ethernet(tcp/ip)?

i was working on a project in linux where tcp/ip communication is needed(i am using BSD sockets,calls like connect,send etc., ).
i send the data in the structure format. now i need to send an image, there comes the problem. i was new to this so can any one throw some light on how to send the image?
my guess were :
should i convert that Image into some binary data?? if so how can i do that?
or is there any way to send the image itself without any conversion?

Thnk in advance
should i convert that Image into some binary data?? if so how can i do that?

The image is already binary data.

Just send it.
The image is already binary data
How to send ?? i mean Can any one give me the BSD socket system call with parameters to send the image .
for example to send message we use send(ssize_t send(int s, const void *buf, size_t len, int flags);) system call ..
In the same manner so that i can send the image directly.

@@Thanx in advance
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Mmm, it sould like you need a sockets tutorial.

I've seen this one recomended, but I'd recomend reading a book like Stevens or Comer.
I think you should read the image into a buffer using read, then write the buffer to a socket descriptor, that's all, system calls may be used are as follows:

socket, connect(if you use UDP in your program, this is not necessary), read, write

#define LEN 1024

int fd;
int sockfd;
ssize_t nbytes;

sockfd = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,0);

char buf[LEN];

memset(buf,0, LEN+1);

fd = open("yourImage",O_RDONLY);

//connecting or listening

while((nbytes = read(fd,buf,LEN))>0){
@hittlle Thnk u .. i changed my design .. isntead of sending the image to the server.. i am trying to get the image from the client to server with FTP
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