cross compiler for arm in windows

I want to build a static library with Arm Ds5 compiler. I want to use the library in another executable that was build on gcc. The executable has to be compiled with a gcc arm cross compiler so that the executable can use the functions implemented in the library. I have tried a few gcc arm cross compilers like the (arm-eabi-gcc and arm-elf-gcc) but the native arm compiler and the cross compilers are not compatible. I am using Eclipse IDE and it gave me errors like

-> Object has vendor-specific contents that must be processed by the 'ARM' toolchain

-> failed to merge target specific data of file (test.o)

Can anyone suggest me gcc arm cross compiler so that I can import the library and use it to build my executable? The gcc arm cross compiler has to be compatible with the native arm ds5 compiler.
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I find the Yocto framework to be the most flexible; however, the Eclipse IDE will work if you get the correct tool chain. Having said that, check out the documentation on Eclipse and also their support forum for help.
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