Today is my 21st, what alcohol should I buy

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As the title says, I'm looking for suggestions.

Keep in mind that for medical reasons I need to limit myself to one beverage over the course of several hours.
Happy birthday!

What's good depends on where you live (at least with beer). What country are you in?

You could go for something simple like a rum & coke, or something more intricate like a long island iced tea and potentially girly (Rum, Vodka, Tequilla, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice + a dash of coke for colour).
Absinthe, obviously.
Of course! Good choice.
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A nice 21 year old single malt Scotch Whisky. :0)

"Let's get pished!"
I still do not like the taste of alcohol, it makes me gag every time I take even the smallest sips. Well, at least I never have to worry about getting insanely drunk and doing stupid things that get posted online for millions of people to watch.
EDIT: Basically Cheraphy, if you like it drink it, but not too much of it.
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On a serious note, I really like rum. My favourites are Kraken and Captain Morgan (when I say favourites I really mean that I've only tried those ones). I also like whisky, but I find rum less overpowering because it contains slightly less alcohol (about 35% versus 40%). I like tequila as well. I find it easy to drink it straight. As for beer, my favourite is probably Carlsberg or Stella Artois. You should definitely get European beer (correctly referred to as lager) or Guinness. American beer is awful. As for absinthe, I've had it before and it is not fun. This was 89.9%. It tasted horrible. If you try it, make sure you have some very strong, non-alcoholic drinks to hand. I don't like Jaegermeister at all, I really dislike the taste.
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Happy Birthday

Its your birthday try them all, get your friends to find their favorite drinks :D

I would go with guiness first though cos its dense and you might not like it, the go on to all your crispy american lagers, do they do ale in america? drink that then skip wine move on to shots TEQUILA then you got to try cocktails but avoid the long iced tea you should have drunk enough by know to get emotional easily, then you should be sick, drink lots of water go to bed, then you can drink bloody marys in the morning, prepare the engredients before you start drinking

(tom juice pepper worcester sauce and vodka) also eat a banana and a fried breakfast, that is the hangover cure that works, i took the trouble of learning so you dont have to.

have fun dude, don't drink yourself to death but dont be a pussy either, my rule is no more than 3 units after having to close one eye in order to focus.

steady on spirits you will wet yourself, drink water before bed so you dont have a cracking headache in tha morning
Schnapps. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday!

If you're keeping it weak, go for some Newcastle Brown Ale. You know you want to. ;-)

chrisname wrote:
My favourites are Kraken

The Kraken did a number on me last weekend.

Talk about mixing your drinks. A few beers, Kraken with ginger ale, Kaluha, gin, Frangelico, Drambue, Jaegermeister and Desperados.

Sunday was not a good day.
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chrisname wrote:
You should definitely get European beer (correctly referred to as lager) or Guinness.

In this part of Europe, it is correctly referred to as ale. Lager is something else entirely.

Though in the context of the original question, a decent real ale might be a bit too unfamiliar to be fully enjoyed. Like good cheese, the flavours can be rich and strong, but may be somewhat of an acquired taste. So instead I'd recommend some Cornish scrumpy.
Its your birthday try them all, get your friends to find their favorite drinks :D
You know what happens when you try everything, right? Drinking beer and then a strong drink like brandy is bad idea.

And I suggest brandy (metaxa is a good one). I rarely drink alcohol and I haven't tried many drinks but brandy is my favourite
Just because you're 21 doesn't mean you have to drink alcohol.

Besides, most try it before 21.
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Stella, Heineken, Carlsberg, Carling and Strong Bow.

Never had Wazzak before, sounds strong
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Round my neck of the woods drinking that lot would get you wazzaked.

Wazzaked is a more polite term for 'shit faced' or 'rat arsed' but generally meaning totally intoxicated.

The last timed I was totally wazzaked was on a bottle of Wild Turkey 101.

Edit 2:
...but wazzak means a pillock or an idiot.
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I always brewed ale (added wild hops from near friends house bought the malt from farmers before but buy the kit here in london) and made wine in demi-jhons.

but I learnt that if you still fermented sugar and not fermented sugar from fruit with things like pectin or tannin in then you wont produce any methanol, you can even achieve purity like you couldnt by in shops! less of a headache and more liver damage!

so I looked up stills and tried making them but they all had design flaws or potentially hazardous designs, its easy to reduce risk of an explosion by using an element and not a flame but thats not good enough (you need four parts air and 1 part alchohol gas for kaboom else you get docile flames but still you dont want that)

So more research and I found cheap lab equiptment, the answer is to do a bit at a time! but then I saw this in tech magazine

I will use this to get wazzacked one day!

oh yes, you will be mine.
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