What Pokémon are you?

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Clearly my puns were unappreciated.

Also I'd very much like it if we could leave that dead topic as it is. dead.
I'm Dragonite ^^
@xander Lucky ;)
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This one is only half-accurate for me. :/


which half? That makes all the difference
@quirky: I bet it's the second, solitary one.
I've been posting here a while but I don't feel that I know anyone, even though I know so many names.

In almost all the forums I've been a regular member of the community eventually became just that; a community. More often than not we all added each other on various IM clients, and sometimes even social networking sites. Hell I actually dated some one I met on a forum for a while. I still keep in touch with a lot of my old net-buddies.

I kinda hope that this place will eventually end up like that as well...

(also; it's seraphimsan here. just a heads up!)


^Question: hwhyyy?
ultifinitus wrote:

I think you mean: "not enough" :P

There should be a notice on the sign up page telling people called "Alex" how to choose their name ;)
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The number of Xanders we are collecting has bothered me for a while to. I actually did not think of the fact that it was a version of Alexander thou so maybe it's ok?

Mew? Are you kidding me? Should I just throw in my man card now and be done with it? Nah, I guess it could be worse, it sure as hell could be better but it's not the worst one I could get.

On a related note, just thinking about the possible number of out comes for this test of 83 questions. Are there REALLY that many pokemon now?
Some quick Google-foo reveals that there are now about 495 Pokemon.

There'll only ever be 151 to me, though.
There'll only ever be 151 to me, though.

I was OK up to 300 or so, but they've gone too far now ;)
I just got back from E-bay, is anything except the japanese version of the old video games or the playing cards actually worth anything? I remember that franchise pumping out every type of merchandice you could think of but the only things going for more then like $500 are complete trading card sets.
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(I love siestas!) lol
I got one I haven't heard of before: http://www.dragonflycave.com/wpay/togetic.gif

How many different results can you actually get? If it was possible to get most or all pokémon as a result, it would be a pretty awesome test.
@Athar I got the same as you, and firedraco. I'm not sure we had heard of it either ;)
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