It's nearly here????

Tell me what that is.
Try clicking the link, or reading the link. Either way, It's a post by Herb Sutter regarding the full standard of C++11 being completed.
Hmm... Will C++11 support anything of Cilk like features? If not, I'll probably end up challenging myself at managing and leading the development of an open-source compiler like Cilk++, either way I will be writing some kind of compiler in my life time. Hopefully by then my knowledge won't be outdated.
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It's nice that they've finally settled on the standard and aren't changing it at the last second anymore, making us wait yet *another* year to see if they change something.

I wonder how long it will take for compilers to become fully compliant.
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The popular compilers have already gotten a good chunk of the standard implemented, from what I've seen and used.
Guess what!?

I got a book on Compiler Design for my 16th birthday (yesterday)! Heck Yes! I'm excited to see if I can stick to my personal challenges.
The document n3290 has 1353 pages when the current 2003 standard has 786 :^/
benjelly wrote:
16th birthday (yesterday)

I bet you my birthday tops yours ;D

I turn 19 today. Every 4/20 for the last 5 years some stoner has either asked me to join them, or reminded me that I have the best birthday of the year.
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