My Computer Science Blog

My blog isn't going to be %100 computer science, because some times I might feel like posting more personal stuff. But you guys might be interested in it:

This is the topic to discuss what I say! I want to get a good audience, so I'll keep posting more things. My first post is practically a list of good CS books, so you won't be too darn fascinated yet.. But I have a lot of ideas relating to C++ and computer science in general. I'll be sure to share all I've got!

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I'm going to start my own blog shortly, any particular reason you picked wordpress?

(edit) started it ::
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It's a serious blogging environment. Blogspot has a lot of casual bloggers who practically only write prolonged "tweets" about their life. You will find more attention at wordpress.
That's just a stereotype, IMO. For instance:
Of course it is. But it goes along exaggerating the truth quite well.
To be honest, I almost swapped to Wordpress, but it doesn't let you justify text and I hate non justified text. Also Wordpress stats seem less informative, but maybe that's because I haven't bothered to work them out properly.

On the other hand Wordpress has some nicer themes, though you have to pay ridiculous prices for some.
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Can I read your blog?

EDIT: Oh good, you have it in your profile information.
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You may notice that there are many posts marking revisions to other posts. I should probably wait a little longer between writing code and blogging about it :P
I had a blog till I realized that any one that come accross it realized I sucked at writing :P
I think it's a very good idea and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Also, looking forward to reading something in the about section.

Maybe it's just me but for all the popularity Wordpress, both the platform and, I think it's one of the worst platforms on the market. 1) It has got to have one of the worst admin interfaces I've ever seen; 2) and having developed for Wordpress, I find the core to have no real structure to it. It seems like a bunch of code compiled onto more code. Whatever the developers thought was a good idea was added but no regard to structure or OOP. Like with Wordpress 3, the menus just seem so senseless. Anyways that just my two cents. I know there is a huge community for Wordpress.
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@king214 One of the reasons I have a blog is it forces me to write. I doubt my style is very good either, but hopefully writing all the blog posts will gradually improve it.

@thepedestrian I always thought the Wordpress menu system looked more "professional", at least superficially, but I think the Blogger interface is easier to use, and there's certainly no point in unnecessary complexity. Perhaps Wordpress does have more features, but I don't care for them either ;)
Thanks guys.

Haha, yeah the About section is almost pointless right now.
One of the reasons I have a blog is it forces me to write. I doubt my style is very good either, but hopefully writing all the blog posts will gradually improve it.

Part of the reason I stopped was because I was hoping that I would have like two thousand readers a day after a week, and after not seeing those results I just lost the will to keep writing.

Yeah I know 2 thousand views a day in that time span is pretty uh... absurd
In my first month I've only got 360 :(
2 thousand is quite insane for a blog of an individual IMO!
I think if you could get like 1000 a month you should be happy :P
Sorry It's taking a long time to get the next post out. I've been working on a class, one which I want to show off, but I need to get it completely finished first.
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