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Program testing works... when you’ve enabled it...

Spent two hours trying to figure out why my X11 window wasn’t getting keyboard focus and input.

It was.

...I had just turned off all my debugging output to show it, lol.

If I had had any other functionality attached to it yet (other than printing some stuff with std::cout) I suppose it would have been pretty clear what was actually wrong...

Ever spend time trying to figure out a bug by looking at the wrong piece of code?

My best (worst?) is a measly three days or so, back before C was standardized and I didn’t know what lint was, trying to find a missing }.
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Good to know experienced programmers make mistakes too, gives me hope after all.
My PC just crashed recently after a forced Win update.
Heh, I told Windows to take a hike.

I’m very happily running Linux Mint now. I feel a whole lot more in control of my OS now. (There are downsides to that, though!)
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