AI Desktop

I was curious if anyone has plugged in AI to generate their desktop background images on the fly yet?
I don't have a graphics card that could handle that (actually I only have the builtin UHD-620), but I'm very curious what possibilities this might bring out.
It might be too GPU intensive for it to be animated, but I think it would be interesting to see an image progress; the AI could nudge the image through the day and you have the ability to modify the prompt, possibly with guide images in a folder and/or a small text interface.

Actually, I think it might even be more interesting to provide a slider that represents how happy you are with the current results, which both acts as a reward to the AI, and reduces the fuzziness of the current image as presented back to the AI.
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images are 2d... you should be OK without a power graphics card. If you want a 2d snapshot of a 3d scene, that is another story, but it shouldn't be required to do it that way.
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