info on clang

If all you are looking for is C++ language standard implemented via clang version:

To get a specific list of what's available you'll probably need to do a deep dive off this:

Clang 14.0.0 specifics:

Now, about the minor versioning differences, I can't say.
Another way to find feature implementation is on cppreference, starting from C++23 and going earlier:
One thing to note about C++ features implemented....

There is at this time only one compiler known fully implements C++20. MS Visual C++, a workload available in Visual Studio 2019/2022.

I've tried MinGW/GCC and no modules, no <format>. Yet. I use modules somewhat, <format> a lot.

There is a workaround for <format>, the 3rd party {fmt} library.

<format> was largely based on {fmt}, similar to how a lot of Boost ideas were later rolled into the C++ standard library.
What you are asking for is likely spread all over the place. You are going to have to spend some time refining your interwebz searches and reading of copious web pages to find out what is available.

I did my part to point out the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train. Maybe.
What's gonna be especially aggravating to find definitive answers is there seems to be a schism of development between Clang, generic, and Apple Clang.
I expected the summary to exist somewhere, maybe it doesn't exist.

Never gonna exist, never gonna happen. IMO.

If someone ever did make a singular and definitive "The List" it would be out-dated even before it was published online or in print since each compiler's implementation is always being revised and reworked.

The compiler support list at cppreference is as close to a single sourced list as one can find.

The people doing a compiler's implementation are as loath to do good documentation as the rest of us. Too much to fix/update, too little time.
Aaaaand the OP a while ago had a petulant, infantile hissy fit in another thread and decided to pull up stakes and whinge as they crawled out the door.

I wish I could say I am saddened by the action/reaction....

but I can't.
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