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Has anyone else experienced instability with VS2022 since updating to 17.2.0? Since I updated a couple of days ago I've had several instances of VS stopping and an error message box appearing asking to restart VS whilst editing? It's becoming very annoying!
Ever since VS5 wiped my teams hard disks, I never early adapt VS.
I haven't experienced anything like that, yet. I have had to re-login using my registered email account despite VS already recognizing I was logged in..

The new "hotload" feature is annoying, though I've never used it, the flame icon on my taskbar I didn't purposely put there.
I've moved to just using VS2022 17.3.0 preview 1 and so far have had no problems!
I'll personally wait until the preview is available for us lowly rubes who aren't part of the insider program. I kinda have to wait.

Let's hope MS realizes they need a hot or semi-cold patch before they tinker around long enough for the next official full sub-version release
And on a good note about 17.2.0....

std::format problems now are compile-time errors instead of run-time. That is good.

Though if 17.2.0 is broken as described above, it almost isn't worth it.
who aren't part of the insider program

The VS preview versions are public and any-one can obtain the community version free.

Why am I not officially part of the insider program?

I'm a lazy sod, that's why. :Þ

This Preview is not licensed to build production applications.

Not that any of what I do is remotely mission critical or work-related I prefer to use stable (relatively, this is MS we are talking about) tools if at all possible.

Being a continuing-to-learn self-taught programming hobbyist I don't have the wherewithal nor desire to deal with preview related problems. I get enough errors from pushing into areas of C++ usage that I am unfamiliar with already. Trying to wrap my brain around C++20 additions is fraught with enough hair pulling, head-banging-on-the-table complications already.
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It looks like this instability issue is restricted to VS2022 17.2 with Windows 7. This is now under investigation but is proving problematical as it cannot be re-produced with a stated set of steps although it usually occurs within about 20 minutes of VS use.

There is also an issue with intellisense with VS2022 17.2 & 17.3 with Windows 7. Solutions for this are now in development.
Ah, Win 7.

As much as I liked Win 7, I despised Win 8/8.1 and never had it, Win 10 has been for me a nice upgrade.

None of my current "refurbished" desktop PCs are eligible for Win 11. I've heard a couple of horror stories about 11 being a minor replay of 8. Hostile user interface, etc.
I once tried to install VS2022 on my Windows 7 PC and was told it doesn't work for Windows 7.
Has that changed now?
According to the MS Docs VS 2022 System Requirements page (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/releases/2022/system-requirements) doesn't mention Win 7 as one of the support 64-bit systems, though installing the MS VC++ 2015-2022 Redistributables is supported for Win 7 SP1.

How the individuals reporting this stability issue with Win 7 got the IDE to install is baffling, unless MS after-the-fact changed the requirements and yet again didn't bother to update the documented requirements.

@thmm, as you more than likely know the last VS IDE that officially supported Win 7 (SP1) is the still readily available VS 2019 (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/releases/2019/system-requirements), the last VS IDE that can be installed on a 32-bit machine.

For that matter VS 2017 is still available. *shrug*

My main development desktop PC (Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit) has both VS 2019 & 2022 installed. Installed side-by-side the 2 IDEs share a lot of configurations and settings. Change settings in one and the modifications show up in the other.
VS2022 has always installed and worked OK with Windows 7 (at least it does with Windows 7 Ultimate with all SP's and hotfixes applied). It's only since 17.2 that these 2 issues have occurred.
Thanks George P, seeplus

I have Windows 7 Professional. I might give it a try then.
When I tried to install VS2022 on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit I got the following message, so I canceled
the installation

VS2022 installs fine under Windows 7 - just ignore that message. It worked great up to 17.2. 17.3 (the current preview) is stable under Windows 7 but intellisense doesn't work. Intellisense doesn't work with either 17.2 or 17.3 with W7 but this is a known issue and a fix is being tested. 17.2 under Windows 7 keeps stop working. Until this is fixed (under investigation) I'd suggest installing VS2022 preview (17.3). Apart from intellisense not working, this is stable under W7. From my email exchanges with VS support re these issues. there is no indication that MS is not supporting VS 2022 under Windows 7. They have a fix for the intellisense issue for W7 and are actively investigating the 17.2 instability issue (which is actually fixed in 17.3!).

As each VS installation are separate from each other, there are no issues having multiple different VS versions (including preview) installed on the same computer. I have VS2019, VS2022 and VS2022 preview installed.

The intellisense issue with Windows 7 has now been fixed in 17.3.0 Preview 2
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