The C++ Tutorial on

I was recently linked

The site features a number of helpful visual summaries of C++'s standard collections and the <algorithms> functions, but what was particularly interesting to me was that the site apparently has a C++ tutorial:

What are folks' thoughts on this tutorial as a learning resource? I haven't read enough to make up my mind about it yet, but the table of contents seems promising at a first glance.

Maybe I have bad timing, but I'm getting a 503 error.
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Working now.


You’ve been doing this long enough that I think we ought to be able to trust your judgement as to whether or not it is worthy of sharing.
I notice right off this is not a "don't know anything about programming" beginner's tutorial site, this is for experienced programmers who know a language other than C++ to learn C++.

Different standard of fitness apply here, so first glance around I opine it isn't half-bad.
Having glanced through I’ll agree that it looks to be pretty high quality.
It looks better than most.
quick drive by stuff that stuck out --
PIMPL is covered but absolutely no explain as to why to do it that way or what its for or anything else, its just stuffed in there cold. I didn't look to see if lots of other things lack a why/explain along with 'how'.

It seems to be tailored toward unix but left off any sort of make tutorial (even a 1 pager or a 'see this tutorial' mention). Maybe that is out of scope, but it has everything else.

On the good side, it covers things in a good order and covers most of what one would need to know until pretty far into the language, and seems to be fairly up to date.
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