Linux 2.0

Just came back from a trip. The place I went to was where I was keeping my website hosted on my raspberry pi. Since it was a raspberry pi 4, I thought it was too good to just be sitting around hosting a website, so I bought the zero w to host the website, installed a head-less Linux installation, and....

Everything works o_0.

There was no longer an issue with PHP - where it could only read from the mySQL database but not update it, didn't have to uninstall and reinstall PHP and mySQL several times, everything just worked beautifully. The bugs to solve were minor and had nothing to do with Linux.

I wish I could always say that.

It was really simple to get the headless version to automatically connect to the wifi and allow for SSH on boot (took 3 tries before it actually worked, but hey can't win 'em all). Head-less Linux installation was the best decision I ever made. The GUI feels like a drawback rather than a feature. Since it's a weaker CPU on the Zero W, a GUI wouldn't have worked anyway.

Feel like I can finally start working on making it a good website!
"I love it when a plan comes together."
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