VS 2022

VS 2022 (17.0) has now been released (not preview!).

See https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/visual-studio-2022-now-available/

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Thank you for reporting the official release, seeplus. :)

I think I will still wait a couple of bug fix cycles (a week or so) before I go and install the buggah. 2019 is seriously "tricked out" to suit me at the mo'.

Or wait until the day before my next weekly boot HD backup so I don't have a lot of excess space in the daily diff files.

I should document all the changes I've done to 2019 so I can recreate them with 2022.
Downloading 5.14GB...slowly.

Grey, doing a download and install, or an offline install download?

I'm not surprised about the lack of speed. The MS servers are likely being swamped with requests.
That is the download while installing...so Already downloaded the 'installer' this is downloading the tools and work flows. I'm installing a lot of the work flows not just C++.

I was going to leave it for a few days but I decided I could leave to box downloading while I was doing something else.
I use the installer to do an offline install setup. I start the process late evening and let it run by itself.

I download the entire set of workloads for a US/English install. Yeah, it gets rather bulky, but then the actual install goes relatively swift since I don't have to wait for packages to transfer.

Slow server bandwidth isn't a problem with the offline install. :Þ
Sweet. Imma gonna wait like Furry Guy for a bit...
Just installed it earlier, can't wait to try it out.
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