Stupid children shows

No, not stupid [children shows]. [Stupid children] shows. Stuff like Knightmare or Legends of the Hidden Temple. I think there were others but I can't recall right now. How did the producers manage to find multiple groups of the dumbest, least coordinated kids in the world to spaz their way through their games? It really is a feat on the casting director's part.
In my country we have a saying "Don't bother to discuss likes" because one likes and the other don't. So let them like whatever they like. :)
My friends and I once went to the movies to watch "Anaconda" (or its sequel, IDR). The whole time there we would tell each other the stupidest thing we could imagine doing next... and the characters in the film invariably found something far more idiotic to do.


I suppose it is the same reason on the kids shows. The programs aren't real. The contestants are paid to err, not to win.
there is a mystery science theater on anaconda, if that says anything about how bad it was. I can't comment on the kid shows, but it sounds like some of the asian gameshows that can't be won and invariably dunk the players in a pool when they lose their balance etc.
It's possible the contestants were told to be as bad as possible, but I don't think the games are unwinnable. They feel made to make the viewer frustrated at the incompetence on display.
Watch this:
Tell me that doesn't frustrate you just from watching it. All that kid had to do was spell out "shroud" backwards, and he had it written down! What on earth is "osrdhu"?
I suspect there is a whole lot going on that you don't see. Notice how the scene keeps switching? Think of Homer Simpson and sex farm scandal interview. (Watch the clock.)

Don't discount the pressure of being on TV, with a lot of people talking to you off scene, doing things out of order, and a post crew who went out of their way to belittle them.

Just 'cause it's on TV doesn't mean it's real.
Maybe he didn't want to accidentally spell "doursh," since that could be mistaken for something else?
Probably fake - just acting. Or maybe they hand selected children based off stupidity.
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