Advanced Graph Algorithms


I'm working on an Header-Only library in C++ for a comprehensive work on Graph.
It includes and will include advanced graph algorithms and partitioning algorithms, with well structured data representation.

I share with you the link to the project:

If you are interested you can write to me at or comment this thread, or simply fork and work at the project.

Thank you in advance for the attention,
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Add graph slicing based on connectivity. E.g. given
A -> B -> C <- D
A -> E -> C -> F
and the starting node A: A, B, and E can be sliced off.
hi helios,

you mean that all the node directly connected to A ( included A ) will be removed from the graph?

If you have time, you can go to the Github project issue ( ) and open one for this request, with detailed information.

Thank you in advance.
I can give you the mathematical definition of the problem.
Let G be the set of nodes in a graph and n be a given node in that set. Let C be the non-strict subset of G containing both n and all nodes reachable from n, and let C' be its complement. There's a third set M, which is the non-strict subset of C containing all nodes that are reachable from any node in C'.
The problem consists of finding all nodes that belong to C but not to M.

The reason why this problem is relevant is because it's used in garbage collection systems to decide which other objects need to be released, given that one object is about to be released.
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Ok, thank you so much, i had added the new request feature issue in the github repo.
Thank you for your support.
Someone Interested?
This project can be a useful resources for developers and researchers because is the base for multiple usecases.
ZigRazor wrote:
#define __NODE_H__

you may want to put lib name into the guard (CXXGRAPH_NODE_H), or you'll conflict with all of these guys
I open an issue for this @Cubbi
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