make sure whatever books you use are at least written since 2018. The language changes regularly: we just got a 2020 update but I am not sure how many books out there cover the bleeding edge. If the books are older than this, you can supplement it with info from the web, such as https://www.learncpp.com/ and its overviews: https://www.learncpp.com/cpp-tutorial/introduction-to-c20/

cloud is like the polar opposite of embedded. that is a broad study plan :) Most clouds do not support c++ in any depth, but python will serve you well there.
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In addition to the books you've listed a couple of books by Bartłomiej Filipek I'd recommend getting are:

1. C++ Lambda Story - the history of lambda expressions.

2. C++17 in Detail - Another look at what C++17 has to offer.

If you like eBooks Leanpub has a decent bundle price for both.

Leanpub has a C++20 eBook work-in-progress (65% complete) version by Josuttis, similar to his C++17 Complete Guide, available:

(The price was decent IMO so I just purchased the eBook of C++20 Complete Guide. Buy before completed is cheaper)
I have a number of printed older programming books, mostly for Windows Desktop API. Most of the older books, C/C++ & Win32 API, are still useful as reference even though the "how-to" has changed since they were published.
Rainier Grimm is another author I'd look at. Leanpub has several English editions for consideration, The C++ Standard Library, Concurrency with Modern C++ & C++20.

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