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the word you seek is lossless. look at the usual suspects with that keyword when you search the web. eg h264 lossless. The basic avi uncompressed is one way, but its going to be HUGE -- you can use it for small snippets if appropriate but even 5 min is a hefty file at computer resolutions.
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I use Movavi and Filmora and see no quality problems. It's only that I have got a free version on Filmora for macs and it was coupled with adware. It was pretty much true to this description: "Adware is the name of the game
As far as the quantity goes, adware is by far the dominating threat to MacBook Pro’s. This is a vast niche encompassing browser redirect viruses, also known as hijackers, and ad-injecting culprits. Let’s start with the former, that is, malicious apps taking over web browsers and rerouting traffic to what’s called landing pages – mostly pseudo search engines, junk ecommerce resources or sites hosting drive-by virus downloads. These pests are typically manifested as aggressive plugins or extensions that are furtively embedded in Apple’s native Safari and additionally installed third-party web browsers, such as Mac versions of Chrome or Firefox." -

So I have got a Yahoo redirect virus. Eventually, I have installed a free version of Filmora from its official website
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Why would you report this message? I now work on Panasonic ToughBook. I can show you how the adware entered my MacBook, it's a real scenario... I have clicked a download link on
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