Visual Studio Code

I'm about to give Visual Studio Code a test run. I'm particularly interested in the Vim keybindings and how well the work. Anyone have any experiences/advice with this code editor that they would be willing to share?
The vim keybindings work like a dream. I was difficult to set it up using CMake I really never found a decent tutorial.

I shouldn't say it was difficult, I should say I found it hard to find a tutorial I was able to follow. I can't recommend it yet, but it looks promising.

If anyone has found a tutorial that they like and are willing to point me to it I would appreciate it.

I found this super easy, mind you I had all the tools already on my Linux machine.

I also use the ordinary code snippets in the editor, I added my own c++ ones, putting them in the json file was easy. I like the snippets because there is no other key press to get them, it seems to be integrated right into intellisense.

I haven't messed with vim, but I guess it's a case of finding what editor one likes and sticking with it.

Have fun !!
This inspired me to give VSCode another try. Two years ago I found it to be unbearably sluggish.

Don't know that I'll make a switch but it's good to keep one's options open.
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