Visual Studio 2022 Preview has been released

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Furry Guy wrote:
My experience with 2022's batch build is likely to be an anomaly. Preview status is a good time to shake out bugs and squirt 'em with RAID.

Which is one of the main reasons why I use TextMate. I don't have to worrry about weird crashes or bugs or glitches or any of that stuff.

Not to bash IDE's, they are certainly more convenient in several ways (when they aren't having problems), but some oftentimes, I find that simpler is better.
YMMV, most definitely, max. I've been doing IDE work since the 1990's, starting with C++Builder/Delphi and a hacked copy of Visual Studio 6. Before C++ was officially standardized with C++98.
When they work, IDE's are very convenient, if you know how to use them. I've had to use VS occasionally for work, and I sort of know my way around it. Enough to write, compile, and run a program with multiple files.

But when I first had to use it, I had no idea where to start, and it was not very intuitive. Granted, it was a version from 2012 or something, but the newer version that I use is pretty similar. I'm guessing if I used it often enough, I'd get pretty used to it, but I'd still have to contend with bugs and updates (which, being Windows, I'm guessing would be like typical Windows updates).
2022 is definitely (still) buggy re intellisense. I've got loads of squiggly red lines that compile OK at L4 with no errors/warnings.
Even in 2019 Intellisense can lag in not flagging correct code as having problems. Modify error/warning free code and for a few seconds the IDE believes the modified code has problems.

Doing a quick unit test compile forces Intellisense to catch up.
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