Coding while listening to music?

Have you ever tried listening to music while coding? do you believe that doing this will help you become more creative and focused? I would like to hear your thoughts about this.
Yes, maybe, ok.

I'm currently listening to things like:

  PRFFTT & Svyable — Turn it Up ft. Jonny Rose

  FyMex — Essence (Original Mix)

  Sacred — Firefly

  Silencyde — Atmos

  Fly Condor — Cusco

  Buffalo White — Wuauquikuna

And occasionally weirdly entertaining stuff like:

  Samsung Norway: Official release of Galaxy S5

  Simon’s Cat

I used to listen to classical music when coding, but now I listen to music that I create myself. A few months back I bought FL Studio 12 and have been teaching myself to make music with it. The fruits of that labor are what I listen to when I code something.
@BHX Have you got any of that online so that we can check it out?
The Samsung Norway one though😂😂😂

And you changed your username @Duthomhas! Haven't seen you on forums in a while, nice to see you back!

While coding, I usually just turn on the radio and listen to whatever's on it.
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I used to listen to music with a driving beat to keep me up and coding but I found that I started listening more to the music than concentrating on what I was doing.

I now, if it is too quite, just listen to incidental music, Traditional Japanese Music, or even recordings of nature. I like stuff that fades into the background as I find the sound of silence deafening.

Traditional Japanese Music

Heavy Rain with Rolling Thunder
i listen to dubstep mixes set to a low volume, keeps you energetic, but doesn't distract you.
Also, a must-listen-to:
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Mr. BossMan sama senpai doesn't care if I've got my headphones in all day, and I have google play all access, so I've gone through a shit load of music while I program.

I've recently discovered that Retro Wave is friggin perfect for coding to.
NOTE: album cover for First link is NSFW
Album art for all links but 4th link are macabre

Perturbator - "The Uncanny Valley":
LazerHawk - "Skull and Shark":
MegaDrive - "198XAD":
Waveshaper - "Station Nova":
Carpento Brut- "Trilogy":

edit: I've been absent this forum so long I had no idea Duthomhas was Duoas. I'm like 98% certain I made this exact thread a few times as well, didn't see them on your list
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Yeah, I decided I want the correct spelling, LOL. And yeah, I know I missed quite a few old threads, just picked the top few Google hits.

Also, you might want to add that at least one of those links is NSFW pics.
Woops! Didn't even think about it.
@Duthomhas No, everything I create [both music and code] is just for me so I have never published anything I've created.
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