Arch Linux + Internet?

I got internet on the computer I booted Arch Linux on, but now with the same results as last time. I pinged a website to check if there was a cord failure, but whatever website I ping keeps sending back and the last time I let it run all I got to 347 and got bored. I am confused now :(.
Uhh... when you ping a website, you're supposed to get a reply. That's how you know the ping succeeded. That's also where the name comes from (ping pong).

Does your ping command accept an argument to determine what port to use? If so, try ports 80 and 8080. If you can ping through them, HTTP is working and you should be able to connect to websites.

Also, try
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But it doesn't stop pinging.

Mike Muuss wrote the program in December 1983, as a tool to troubleshoot problems in an IP network. He named it after the pulses of sound made by a sonar, since its operation is analogous to active sonar in submarines, in which an operator issues a pulse of sound toward the target, which then bounces from the target and is received by the operator.
I also just pinged google and it returned completely.

But if I type: pacman -S kde

it returns:

error: package "kde" not found
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Try pacman -Syu to download a new package database and then upgrade the system or pacman -Sy to get a new package database.

Also, it doesn't "stop pinging" because it's not the windows ping command. It doesn't just ping 4 times, it pings until you tell it to stop.
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