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Someone in the Beginners forum really seems to have a "hardon" for several of the more knowledgeable posters, nearly every post they make gets reported.

More than a bit futile since each report is looked over by someone human.

Amusing that someone is being so petty.
It's in the general forum too. Sounds like spoonlicker is back. Just ignore it, twicker can tell the reports are fake.
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I do ignore it, but it is rather funny this person thinks reporting posts of known good and reliable posters will work.

I noticed, LB, you seem to have been the first poster this guy started reporting.
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I personally think the bar for reporting posts is a little low.
To report a post you should have a post count in the thousands, at least.

This does not disenfranchise lurkers or other small-time posters, since there are a number of high-post count forum members actively reading through the forums who regularly tag bad posts -- even in threads in which they do not participate.

It does, however, prevent losers from spamming the forum with this form of graffiti.

At the risk of advocating a kind of up-vote system...

Maybe there could be an "unreport" button too, and the post is unreported or reported based upon the total post counts of the users that clicked it.

/loser with 100 posts clicks report: net report = -100
/user with 4000 posts clicks unreport: net report = +3900

So even if a high-poster (like the occasional lounge bunny -- no names here) reports a post, a couple of unreports would permanently fix it?
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Having it so anybody can report but only users over a certain number of posts can unreport would make sense.
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