Chronic editing

Regardless of where or why I am writing a post, I have a problem. After I have written my post, I reread it, stare at it in the editor, look at it in the preview, etc. and I think I am completely done. However, as soon as I actually submit the post, 80% of the time I instantly think of things I want to add or change, and I end up editing the post once, twice, or even three times or more. Another 10% of the time I decide to immediately delete the post.

Is it just me?
Nope, absolutely not.

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Nice to know it isn't just me. I've edited my posts many times and have deleted a few as well.
I do the same thing. I generally to resist the urge to delete them, though.
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Not only do I suffer from chronic editing and deleting post--this is at least my third user name since 2009. I occasionally feel I have shared something too personal and decided it is best just to delete my account. Although, in the last year or so I have become really good at resisting the urge to post. Let's see if I can resist the urge to delete this post.
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The same thing happens to me, though not as often as you described.
It's a gift!! I wish I could be so eager to edit my essays, or reconsider that angry email.... :P
Sadly, email can't be edited. Even with GMail's "undo send" option, I don't get the urge until after the option to undo is gone.
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It isn't just you.
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