The three word story 2015

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So, another game for you all. The rules are you can only use three words and must continue the story while making sense.

I'll be dull:
Once upon a big green hill there was a little girl that had a dream. Until she found a giant, purple [my bad didn't specify what she found, please post saying if you want to fill this. NOTE it doesn't count towards the 3 words] that changed her into incandescent beauty. Until, almost immediately, through the intervention of a tiny sweet gum drop that was just succinctly succulent and tasty, that she looked through the clouds, and decided she could fly off the handle. It was November and the sky in everyone's eye was high, whereby a new ally sallied forth out towards the horizon. Like an exploding

James2250, I will not ignore your comment but if people think that this or any other thread will cause a problem to the community of this forum then please, do not hesitate to contact (via PM) an admin, myself and anyone else you deem necessary and action will be taken.
Thank you.
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Can we not do this?

I know it's the Lounge...but can't we at least try and keep it intelligent. I can let the other "game" go but I don't want it to become a thing.

(Or if no one else cares, ignore me)
/Much more than 3 words

Looks like people don't mind, my bad!
Feel free to remove OP message, was just me being a kill joy by the look of it ;)
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big green hill
edit - not a part of the story (sorry James2250, didn't see your message, didn't see this as a bad thing)
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there was a
little girl that
had a dream
until she found
a giant, purple
that changed her
Into incandescent beauty
until, almost immediately...
through the intervention
of a tiny
Apologies both posted at the same time. Go with above ^
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sweet gum drop

(James, it has to make sense, remember)
EDIT: Never mind James, I saw your post time. Carry on.
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that was just
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succinctly succulent and
tasty, that she
closed account (E0p9LyTq)
looked through the
clouds, as decided
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