Ban the user above you 2015

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That's fabtastic.
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I have to adgit, I regrit saying that. Though I can't say I'm pissed.

That being said, you're banned for having a bladder.
Your banned for banning my beautiful bladder.
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You're banned for banning me for banning your beautiful bladder.
god make it stop...
I ban you for dissing the game, I also ban you for having in correct grammatical terminology in your comment and I ban you again for not being banned by me already.
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Eh, I honestly don't know what to say to that James27 so I'm going to link you a YouTube video with the hope that it will make you realize the error of your ways (I hope this isn't considered spam though).
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I'm banning you for making me depressed about the 1 minute and 31 seconds (excluding time it took to click link, wait for it to load and then exit and get back here) of my life I lost and will never get back.

You naughty boy.
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I don't know about you, but I find that video pretty charming. It's so cute and such a masterpiece.
Well, I was thinking this at the start...
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And what about the video changed your mind?
I'm banning you for not banning me when I banned you because you banned me.

Yeaaaahhh boii
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If that's the game you're playing, then I guess I should ban you for not answering my question.
Banned cactus
reason:Everyone has right to not answer a question
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Wasn't saying you had to, just implying that you should've.
banned cactus,yet again
he winked!maybe some people who wink may be offended?
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(Wow, just realized I had posted my git joke on the wrong forum a couple posts ago)
SuperCrusader you're banned for assuming I'm a male.
Cactus,you are banned for saying that i assumed that you are male
while i didn't
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I ban myself for misreading what you said. You meant he as in the gif.

I ban you for confusing me and making me realise I had thought wrong because he/she thought you were wrong when you were right which made me wrong because he/she was wrong and you were right therefore making me wrong and you right but he/she was right about the gif because you were wrong about he/she talking about he.

I'll get my coat...
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