G++ stopped working

I recently upgraded to win8 and one of the side effects is that my compiler, which I have grown emotionally attached to, is now incompatible. Is there a compiler or IDE that is compatible with win8? (I prefer a compiler that works with DEV C++ IDE)
You should really work with something more modern such as Visual Studio 2013. It's free for teams that 5 people or below. It was designed for Windows 8 and has a nice UI.
"More modern" -- as in, has better support for modern C++ standards?

While you can certainly use MSVC with Dev-C++, there's no reason to throw the baby out with the bath. People can and do use MinGW on Windows 8.

I don't know enough yet about the issues to help (I was planning to play around with 8 someone in the next week or two).

The age of your compiler might have something to do with it? Have you checked out wxDev-C++? Or MinGW-w64?
I can confirm that g++ 4.8.1 works fine even with windows 10. The only problem I am having is that after I installed visual studio long doubles do not work with g++ 32bit
MinGW is a fine option. I personally prefer Visual Studio's IDE though, and it has the best debugger that I've ever seen.
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You can use clang with Visual Studio's IDE:
Can you use the debugger with clang? If so then I'll probably make the switch.
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