Nerdcore and Other Geek Music

Hey, if you're fond of your geeky nature, and even listen to geek music, why not share some of your favorite geek culture songs and artists?

These are my favorites:
MC Plus+ - "Ascii Antics," "Still Hustlin'," 
Momus - "Finnegan the Folk Hero,"
the Minibosses - "Ninja Gaiden," "Wizards and Warriors,"
Optimus Rhyme - "Sick Day," "Autobeat Airbus,"
Mc Frontalot - "Nerdcore Rising," "Yellow Lasers,"
Blackalicious - "Chemical Calisthenics,"
Kraftwerk - "Pocket Calculator," "Numbers,"
Xinon - "Jack the Ripper," "Vanishing Point."

Honorable mentions:
Apocalyptica - take your pick, I love these guys,
Weird Al - "White and Nerdy,"
Animaniacs - "Yakko's Universe," "Yakko's World," "Schnitzelbank"

If you have musical selections of your own that are mentally stimulating and/or are of the geek persuasion, then please post your favorites.
I listen to a lot of anime soundtracks -- mostly Yoko Kanno stuff (Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, Stand Alone Complex [SAC]). I also listen to some VG soundtracks off and on (Katamari Damacy ftw)

I often share songs with people on IRC, so I have a bunch of them uploaded to webspace already. Assuming there's no problem providing links here... <--- sometimes NSFW, see below

^ generic web storage of a bunch of crap ^
While all the files on that page are currently SFW, I can't guarantee that they'll always be SFW (I sometimes upload nsfw stuff to that site), so if you stumble upon this thread in the archives 6 months from now....

Not all of that is anime stuff -- some of it is other weird stuff I've picked up... some of it is TMBG (the ultimate in nerd music -- love those guys)... some of it is my brother's band (they're surprisingly good).

Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules or anything. ^^

Most of the "wtf is this" stuff on that page is from SAC. I love that soundtrack. Inner Universe, I Can't Be Cool, Replica, and Torukia are among my favorites.
This is some good stuff guys. Thanks! I've made bookmarks.
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