From C++ to C#: Pros & Cons

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I've been programming for about a year now in C++, and now I'm interested in other languages. I've taken a gander at what there is and done some Hello World programs with languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript. Now my focus is on C#. I've heard it's the "next thing" in programming, what with it being like a cross between C++ and Java, and it's heavy affiliation with the .NET framework. I know a little about the .NET framework, and I'm not too sure what it is exactally. I know that languages can be ".NET aware", so I'm just wondering what that means exactly. Beyond that though, I want your opinions on the matter: should I dive into C#? Would it be more appropriate to learn a different language? How did you go about learning different languages? What are the disadvantages/advantages of learning the x language?

For example, I plan on learning Java sometime, mainly because of the amazing portability (thanks JVM). But Java cannot incorporate other languages into it very well, what with the idea of Java being the "all-purpose language". I like the idea of incorporating a language like Python into my programs; I don't want that taken away. So, perhaps I'll do some stuff with it for some time, but I want to be more adept at languages like C#, SQL, or C++.

Another thing I've been looking at is languages that deal with the web, like JavaScript, CSS, SQL, HTML (not really a language), etc. Should I bother myself with these? My focus as a programmer is more gaming-based, but web-based programming is also a great thing to get into.

This is a very open discussion here. If you want to ask more about my experience, or anything else, then fire away.
It's always good to learn another language. The differences and similarities will help you to gain a better understanding of the process of software development.

the only problem i see is that you may get lost in all this languages and don't learn any of them in really.

whatsoever it's not wrong to have a strong C++ background.
The most wanted languages in industry (for whatever reason) as far as I know are Java and for web development PHP.

I'd suggest that you take a look at the job offers near you and then decide what to learn next.
coder777 said:

I'd suggest that you take a look at the job offers near you and then decide what to learn next.

That certainly might be a great place to start.
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